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DOM ix TwinStar

Play safe with your locks!


  • Very high key copy protection
  • High protection against manipulation
  • Realization of large and complex locking systems

No chance for "black" keys: The DOM ix TwinStar is perfectly protected against unauthorized so-called "black" key copies and thus sets new standards for mechanical locking systems. The highlight is the floating double roller in the key tip, which can not be imitated with conventional key milling machines. A complex system with up to 23-times locking authorization requests also protects the reversible key from manipulations and at the same time allows integration into complex locking systems. Numerous drill protection pins - the number can be optionally increased - as well as anti-bumping and anti-picking pins make the cylinder extremely resistant.

2 in 1: The "2 in 1" variant for registered cylinders offers a further plus of security. If a key of the first key set is lost, the cylinder can be recoded by inserting and locking with a key of the second set. The old keys are herewith immediately useless and the security is restored - without the expensive exchange of the registered single coded lock.

DOM ix TwinStar will be available from  April 2017.