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DOM Tapkey

The smartphone is the key

DOM and Tapkey offer you the best of both worlds. The wide range of DOM Tapkey digital devices enables you to deal with virtually every situation.

Just like the digital devices, the Tapkey app is easy to use. It activates a DOM Tapkey device via the NFC (Near Field Communication) of a smartphone. The admin user can give authorisation to other users, safely and securely, via a highly protected Tapkey ID or Google ID.

You can create your own digital locking system within minutes. There are three simple steps:

  • Download the Tapkey app via Google or the Apple store
  • Activate your account
  • Connect your locking device, your digital cylinder in the entrance door or garage for example

It’s done! In just a few steps you can authorise users to open and close a door with a digital device or program DOM Tapkey tags. These transponders are easily fixed on your keychain and need no battery.

Tapkey is an open app platform, so you can use the same app, smartphone and DOM Tapkey tag for other applications like opening your car sharing vehicle, parking space, hotel room or delivery mailbox.

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