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DOM at home

Anyone who invests a lot of capital and passion in their home, will also want to make sure that all of their belongings are durably protected. Solid and professional locking technology offers more than protection; there is proof that it also deters burglars. Look here for information - from door security to risk analysis - about what matters when it comes to keys or locking systems.

Unlocking by app

Manage access authorisations with your smartphone

DOM Tapkey gives you a very easy way to manage access to your four walls using your smartphone – a both permanently flexible and secure solution.

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Bye-bye key!

Lost your key? Your key will soon be called a transponder, and losing your key will no longer be a problem! Lost transponders are deactivated at the cylinder using the respective transponder management card.

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Small locking system

For small & large latchkey children

As the homeowner, would you like to ensure more control and greater security? The small central locking system is the best system for catering to the needs of all the residents. A central front door lock and your own apartment door keys, keep you [...]

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Protection against burglary

Protect what is dear to you

Having a burglar inside your own house is everybody's nightmare. Doors are also a target. The good news: Burglars have very little time and therefore give up after a few minutes if properties are well secured. We help you optimally protect your [...]

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  • Door security

    Keeping everything secure!

    Doors are one of the targets for burglary. The good news: Burglars have very little time and therefore give up after a few minutes if properties are [...]

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  • One key – many doors

    One for all

    Does this sound familiar? House, apartment, garage, cellar, office, car, bike... one key for all. Your keyring is becoming heavier and more confusing [...]

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  • Cylinder measuring made easy

    First A, then B

    All DOM mechanical cylinders can be adapted in length to the different door thicknesses.

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  • Access control

    3 x extra gut

    Access control on an electronic basis probably offers the most secure and most convenient way to protect your home. That's why more and more [...]

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  • 2 in 1 – one cylinder, two sets of keys

    Lost your keys? Not as bad as you think!

    Daughter, son, neighbour, cleaning lady - with every person who has a key to your apartment, the risk of loss increases. What do you do if you are not [...]

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