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Access control

3 x extra good

Access control on an electronic basis probably offers the most secure and most convenient way to protect your home. That's why more and more homeowners are opting for electronic access control. And for good reasons: Extra protection, extra comfort and extra control.

Extra protection

An electronic locking system, consisting of cylinders and transponders, provides best-in-class protection for your home. The door remains closed if force is used because the cylinder is also mechanically secured.

Extra comfort

The future of home security is keyless. With the electronic access system, you only need one transponder, which you can use to open all doors - from the front door to the garage. The transponder is available as a key fob and a ClipTag for clipping onto a mechanical key. To open the door, simply hold the transponder in front of the locking cylinder.

Extra control

Do you have a tenant in your home? Then you can conveniently and securely control access authorisations at the same time with an electronic cylinder – for example, to define which tenants have access to which rooms. You can reprogram these access authorisations at any time.

Making of: Shooting with Jürgen Drews

Jürgen Drews, the self-appointed King of Mallorca, secures his house with DOM products, too.  An electronic lock cylinder is installed at his house.

Guardian S

In the Guardian S, DOM has accommodated all the electronic properties in a fitting. The reading unit, functional parts, mechatronics and the battery compartment are located in the outdoor fitting. The fitting-mounted reader can be installed on a single side, the outside. In addition, the Guardian scores extra points with its timeless and functional design.

ENiQ® Pro

The security system provides increased protection against mechanical and electronic tampering attempts. The door remains closed if the outer knob is damaged by use of force! Thanks to the easy-to-assemble electronic knob cylinder, huge sets of keys are a thing of the past. And if you ever lose the transponder, neither the cylinder nor the transponder need to be replaced – it is simply deleted from the system. Programming is really easy using software and your PC.