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Protection against burglary

Protect what is dear to you

Having a burglar inside your own house is everybody's nightmare. Doors are also a target. The good news: Burglars have very little time and therefore give up after a few minutes if properties are well secured. We help you optimally protect your doors.

Keeping things secure!

We have put together a few key security questions for you that you can use to check your doors and thus leave your home with a good feeling. If you like, you can download the checklist in PDF format and print it.

1. Door check: for the front door to your house or apartment

  • Does the door have a tested security lock?
  • Does the door have tested security fittings, with a cylinder cover (if necessary)?
  • Is the cylinder lock (virtually) flush with the fitting on the outside?
  • Is the security strike plate anchored in the wall?
  • Does the door have a rotary multi-point security lock?
  • Are there any additional locks or security latches (for old doors)?
  • Are the door panel and the hinges stable?

2. Key check

  • Have you or a family member ever lost a key?
  • Do you know whether this has happened to a previous tenant or previous owner?
  • Do you know how many keys to the front door are still in circulation?
  • Do you have a security card to order replacement keys?

3. All-around check

  • Do your neighbours or friends regularly check that everything is alright?
  • Is the letter box emptied regularly?
  • Are your valuables secured in the safe (or a bank)?
  • Are the other exterior doors (cellar) burglar-resistant too?
  • Are the cellar shafts protected with security gratings?
  • Are windows and French doors (patio) locked and secured?
  • Are the roller shutters protected against being pushed up?
  • Do your windows have burglar-resistant glazing?
  • Are any climbing aids (ladders) accessible anywhere on the premises?

Excellent security: The 3-step system for every requirement

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH has developed a 3-star system in cooperation with the police that divides mechanical locking systems into three different security classes, and gives you a quick overview of the relevant security levels. Our DOM locking systems are of course classified and clearly marked in line with this system. We offer you a suitable locking cylinder for every security need. Decide yourself which mechanical system suits you best.

Mechanical locking systems

Do you want police advice?

You can find interesting tips on the subject of "burglary protection around the house" and a list of the nearest police advice centre in your area here: www.k-einbruch.de