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Small locking system

For small & large latchkey children

As the homeowner, would you like to ensure more control and greater security? The small central locking system is the best system for catering to the needs of all the residents. A central front door lock and your own apartment door keys, keep you secure and guarantee an overview of the number of keys at any time.

A locking system is a combination of locking cylinders and keys that can open several doors. The cylinders are assigned to different keys depending on requirements. The small locking system is, for example, suitable for blocks of apartments with a shared front door. This usually involves a central locking system. Everyone can access the front door, but then residents can only enter their own apartments.

Central locking system (Z system)

With the central locking system, an apartment key locks your own apartment and all central doors that are locked by all residents, e.g., the front door, side door, cellar door. However, none of these keys fit in any other apartment door. Individual locks for letter or meter boxes can also be assigned to the apartment door keys.

Example: Two-family house

Each family has a key. The key for the front door of the house opens the central doors (front door and back door) and the corresponding apartment front door plus the cellar. Residents cannot open another tenant's door with their key.