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Unlocking by app - with DOM Tapkey

DOM Tapkey gives you a very easy way to manage access

DOM Tapkey gives you a very easy way to manage access to your four walls using your smartphone – a both permanently flexible and secure solution.

The tradespeople have to repair something and you can't be home? Your mother-in-law is coming for a surprise visit and shouldn't be met by a locked door? Your children often forget their keys but never their smartphone?

DOM Tapkey gives you a fast, mobile way to react to these situations. Tapkey is an app that works like a virtual key ring. Together with DOM electronic cylinders and fittings, you can create your own digital access control system in a matter of minutes in three easy steps:

  • Download the Tapkey app from the Google or Apple Store
  • Activate your account using a smartphone
  • Use a smartphone with a compatible NFC or BLE interface to connect it to the digital cylinder or fitting in your front door, for example

Now you can conveniently organise your private digital locking system from your smartphone. That means:

  • You assign authorisations to users who can then use their smartphone or tablet to open or close doors using the compatible NFC or BLE interface
  • In seconds, you can use your smartphone to program one or more DOM Tapkey transponders that can be conveniently attached to a key ring, for example – ideal for family members and friends who prefer a conventional mode of access
  • The flat DOM Tapkey sticker transponder gives you a transponder solution that can be simply stuck to the back of smartphones – ideal for mobile phone users without an NFC interface
  • You retain the overview: The last three access events are displayed on your smartphone with just one click

Family and friends are welcome!

Of course no costs will be incurred to your family members and friends to whom you issue access authorisation. Regardless of the number of locking cylinders, up to 5 smartphone users can be  activated in the system free of charge. Any smartphone user can be authorised to access up to all  locking devices in the system. For more than 5 users Tapkey offer package prices. The number of transponders is not limited in the free version.

Security first

Not only is all communication between the app and the cylinder end-to-end encrypted: As an administrator, you can issue authorisations to other users securely and protected by an encrypted Google ID or Tapkey ID. If your device was stolen or damaged, simply deactivate it via Google and cancel the validity of the Google ID for this device.