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DOM ix Twido® & DOM ix 6HT

Security above all

As the police crime statistics published by the Federal Criminal Police Office show, the number of attempted burglary offenses in 2017 has fallen significantly. The number of successful apartment burglaries is also declining - also thanks to improved prevention through locking systems.
The new mechanical locking system DOM ix 6HT is the entry into the world of reversible keys. Here are many technical details together - with one goal: more security for the object to be protected. A special high-low milling in the horizontal base profile gives additional security in the profile control and is difficult to copy. The DOM ix 6HT achieves protection against mechanical manipulation by using high-strength materials. The DOM ix 6HT system is available in a wide range of locking cylinder variants and can therefore be used, for example, in entrance doors, cellar doors, mailboxes, garden gates or garage doors. In addition, the DOM ix 6HT system is also ideally suited for use in locking systems for example in multi-family houses, larger residential complexes and small and medium-sized commercial properties.

Two is Better

The reversible key system DOM ix Twido®, available as of July, goes one step further in terms of security and key copy protection. The highlight is a new, patented, floating dual role in the key. This makes the DOM ix Twido® particularly well protected against unauthorized key copies. The system has been specifically designed for use in large, hierarchically organized commercial properties with high security requirements. But it is also ideal for private homes with high protection requirements.

On request even more flexible

Thanks to the optional Modular technology, both new mechanical reversible key systems offer a flexible length adjustment of the locking cylinder at any time on site - this saves costs when moving or using a new door. The hardened steel bridge also offers - as well as the DOM ix 6 HT - increased protection against forcible "tearing" or "pulling" of the cylinder. With these new reversible key systems, DOM complements the multi-level security concept for mechanical locking systems and rounds off its product portfolio in an innovative way.