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The new ENiQ® App

Security and comfort via app

Apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives: whether for communication, news reading or travel planning - [...]

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New ENiQ® PLC cards

Tailored to fit

Our new ENiQ® programmable logic controller (PLC) cards optimally adapt the access system and its processes to the individual needs [...]

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DOM ix Twido® & DOM ix 6HT

The right cut

As the police crime statistics published by the Federal Criminal Police Office show, the number of attempted burglary offenses in 2017 [...]

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No cheap copy

"Black" keys – that is, unauthorised copies of keys – are a real security risk for private households as well as for businesses and public [...]

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The Door Opener App

 The Tapkey app works like a virtual key ring – and makes access management for your home or office easier than ever. Three out of every four Germans [...]

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DOM Security

DOM Security:  This is the new brand adopted by the industrial group specialising in security systems on the occasion of its reorganisation. The [...]

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DOM ENiQ : Security 3.0

Technical all-rounder: The new DOM ENiQ electronic lock cylinder combines all the features and designs of a smart access control system as standard, [...]

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DOM ENiQ 3.0: Three questions for Erik Mastenbroek

Mr. Mastenbroek, ENiQ is the third generation of electronic lock cylinders made by DOM. What distinguishes this lock cylinder from the previous [...]

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DOM Sicherheitstechnik offers a permanently antibacterial powder coating. Thanks to it, door fittings such as the DOM Guardian are permanently [...]

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