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The system with service on top


  • High security. Up to 21x locking authorisation queries per key make it almost impossible to break down the cylinder.
  • Good key copy protection: The special high/low bitted design prevents key copying.
  • Long-term patent protection: Key blanks are not commercially available so that no duplicate keys can be created.


Double cylinder with key

Technical Specifications
Areas of use


Locking system

You can twist and turn the ix DAS reversible key any way you like: it always fits. Really handy and pocket-friendly, but also very convenient! Whether for the front door, apartment door, basement door, window handle, letterbox or garage lock – the innovative ix DAS locking system gives you one key to fit all!

Safety features

Your ix DAS system comes with an identification card for individual locks, or a service card for locking systems. This is your special security benefit. After all, you can only order a replacement on presenting one of these cards to your DOM service partner.

Technical Specifications

  • Lift-off and stop surfaces for ideal key guidance
  • Corrosion-free and wear-resistant nickel silver keys
  • 5 tumblers made of special brass/steel-hardened guarantee tamper protection to prevent smart opening methods and provide impact protection
  • Improved drilling protection thanks to elements made of carbide or hardened steel pins
  • Vertical security pins as check points for the key authorisation request

Areas of use

  • Public buildings
  • Medium to large businesses
  • Apartment houses
  • Residential complexes