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DOM is a reliable partner, with expertise in many industries, for industrial applications and for a variety of security concepts ranging from shopfitting and automatic machines to the airport. We support your application and develop a specific system for you. Many years of experience, extensive manufacturing know-how and a European network are the basis for safe and sustainable economic solutions.

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Whether product development or systems integration, retail or logistics – our experts for industrial applications provide comprehensive consultancy services for your professional locking systems.

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Locking solutions for industrial applications, catalogue

The complete catalogue

Our industrial department would like to present you with a clear and easy-to-use overview of our locking solutions for industrial applications. This catalogue has been produced with you in mind. The catalogue presents a new approach to locking [...]

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Product development support

Locking systems made to order

When it comes to producing security concepts to order for your products or systems, we come into play as a partner. As specialists for industrial applications, our engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and electro-mechanics contribute [...]

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Testimonial Hoffmann Group

Modular V-Industrial Cylinder

In a modern industrial environment there are always exacting demands in terms of manpower and technology: perfect organisation, individual flexibility, appropriate quality and safety aspects permanently play a key role. MODULARITY "in capital [...]

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  • Wide range of products

    We have everything under lock and key

    A system for all requirements? It just doesn't work! This explains why DOM offers a wide product range from the simple lever cylinder for mailboxes to [...]

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  • Material & manufacturing process

    We know our business!

    We know what we're talking about because we produce things ourselves, and have advanced more than a few methods and technologies ourselves. [...]

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  • International networking

    Regional and global work

    All affiliated companies complement each other through the transfer of know-how within our network. We can offer you an exceptional product and [...]

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  • System integration

    Products with your label

    Our special expertise lies in configuring systems in company-specific applications. We collaborate with you to implement the appropriate technical [...]

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  • Logistics

    On demand if you need us

    Our portfolio of services does not end with production - reliable, tailored logistics is also part of our overall service package.

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  • Kiosk systems

    Automatically secure

    Security technology for kiosk systems - for us, this does not just mean technical know-how in mechanical and electronic locking systems, but also [...]

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  • Electrical Equipment

    High-tech for servers & co.

    Electronic equipment systems are typically found in a sensitive environment – high-quality technology needs to be protected against tampering, [...]

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  • Furniture & shopfitting

    Perfect duo: Design & security

    In long-term business relationships with the industry leaders in furniture and shopfitting, we repeatedly demonstrate our competency through the [...]

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  • Leisure & hygiene

    Come and go

    There is always a bustle in large recreational facilities – the Cologne baths, for example, had 2.7 m guests in 2012. With intelligent locking [...]

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  • Doors & windows

    Locked means locked!

    Do your customers place the highest value on burglar-resistant doors and windows? Then why not equip your security doors and security windows with the [...]

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  • Trade, partners & distribution

    Experts for experts

    You need to deliver and develop professional systems and products for your customers such as trades, architects, industry and workshops. This is why [...]

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  • Transport, storage & energy

    Looking forward to a great partnership

    Why choose us as a partner? We see ourselves as a part of the whole and we are familiar with your industry. Thanks to best-in-class development [...]

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