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System integration

Products with your label

From airport to swimming pool

Our special expertise lies in configuring systems in company-specific applications. We collaborate with you to implement the appropriate technical solution, for both greatly varying security levels and very different environments. We have, for example, implemented electronically lockable ticket and cash machines or lockers for swimming pools, gyms and hospitals.

We can also supply the individual modules for an overall solution for very large and complex security concepts. We are, for example, responsible for the configuration of modules in the entire security package at airports – from the suitcase conveyor belt to the security checkpoint.

Configuration with your label

We also manufacture mechanical and electronic security products with your label. For example, you can choose a modification of the DOM protector with your logo for your specific application.

Efficiency and control through smart networking

The integration of third-party systems - for example for lighting and heating control - can be easily implemented by DOM via locking systems and software. Ask us for an individual solution that allows you to combine your systems with additional functions.