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Testimonial Hoffmann Group

The Task

In a modern industrial environment there are always exacting demands in terms of manpower and technology: perfect organisation, individual flexibility, appropriate quality and safety aspects permanently play a key role. MODULARITY "in capital letters" is often a crucial approach to achieving the success you deserve. This is the approach that was deliberately chosen some time ago in the development of DOM "Modular V industrial cylinders". And today we can safety say this has been a great success. Systematic quality, reliability and flexibility. For premium operating equipment.

What customer says...

"In a company like ours, quality and reliability must exist right down to the tiniest detail. DOM offers a wide range of products perfectly suited to our requirements in terms of industrial cylinders. And the solutions are also cost-effective when it comes to installing. This is what convinced us."

About Hoffmann Group

Hoffmann Group, headquartered in Munich Germany, is the European market leader and has been synonymous with quality tools for more than 90 years. Exceptional consultancy expertise and quality products are the be all and end all – as are highly effective logistics and first class service. High standards, which the Hoffmann Group also requires of its partners. And not only when it comes to reliability.

Project details

Our main DOM products for the operating equipment industry.
Our customers in this sector rely on flexibility through modularity. DOM "Modular V cylinders" are highly popular in this industry in particular; they were primarily developed for high-quality product lines (with a focus on metal). These products are primarily used where individual security or locking system capable systems are desired.

Benefits and uses

The benefits and uses of these systems lie in the following areas:

  • Simplified logistics (the pluggable cylinder is installed at the end of the production chain)
  • Flexibility (simple and uncomplicated replacement of the pluggable cylinder if locks or locking systems are modified)
  • Reduced installation costs due to the simple push-through installation of the entire sleeve and lever

In this context, there are numerous sleeve designs with various plug-in uses for your individual applications.

"Premium HT" reversible key system (212-010PHT-1):
Complex coding, optimal locking convenience comfort with corrosion-resistant nickel silver keys. This enables coded or reserved single locking (unique and customised locking options)

5 pin conventional plug insert (212-01P-1)
Standardised security at a high level.
5 platelet Zamak plug cylinder insert (212-05P1)
An inexpensive alternative for cases where "only" basic security is the requirement.

The Building

The Hoffmann Group has been privileged to install our proven locking technology within industrial equipment systems, for numerous, well-known large corporations and leading companies in the automotive industry. We are very proud of that. In the run-up to the project, there is always close consultation and coordination between the product management departments, ordering and order processing and locking system computation departments. After all: In the end, everything has to fit. The right locking cylinder, the right locking system, in the right system environment, and at the right place for the end customer. A complex challenge and often within ambitious lead times.

Project Workflow

Flexibility without end: a project is never really finished, because requirements often change with time. Repeat orders for extensions and additions are also regularly on the agenda. But again, the task is to respond to changes quickly, in an uncomplicated way and flexibly. "Modular V", a perfect basis for organisational changes.