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Transport, storage & energy

Looking forward to a great partnership

Why choose us as a partner? We see ourselves as a part of the whole and we are familiar with your industry. Thanks to best-in-class development expertise and the ability to draw on our international suppliers from the Securidev network, we are in the position to develop secure and economical solutions for the transport, storage & energy industries.

Our special solutions for your business:


  • Automobile industry – we offer safety-relevant solutions for the automotive sector.
  • Trains and stations – we supply solutions to Deutsche Bahn from square systems to electronic access control. 
  • Aircraft industry – we equip the Airbus A380 with safety-relevant components.  


  • We offer locking media for logistics service providers from the letter box to packet pick-up and deposit boxes, as well as electronic systems for temporary access to warehousing and central storage.  


  • We produce special security solutions for petrol stations (pumps), wind farms, switching stations, and power plants. For highly sensitive sectors, we equip the access systems with multiple-factor logic testing.