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Wide range of products

We have everything under lock and key

A system for all requirements? It just doesn't work! This explains why DOM offers a wide product range from the simple lever cylinder for mailboxes to the complex programmable locking system. With custom-made solutions for your customers, your industries, your market and your business success.

Special requirements - right solution

In 70 years of business, we have got to know almost all systems and helped developed many of them - this explains why we have the right solution for virtually any requirement. It is not just a matter of purely technical aspects, your company-specific requirements - such as security, robustness, quality or price - are also the basis of our security concepts. Or is the design a particularly important aspect for you? Here too you can choose from compelling security solutions with shapes, colours, or materials for your specific needs.

One company - many services from a single source

There cannot only be one locking system for complex and heterogeneous products and facilities - for example, if you need to equip a retail complex or a swimming pool with different systems. Here too you can benefit from our versatile portfolio because you can procure all products, and their networking options, from a single source. Plus: You have one contact person who takes care of everything. This helps you save time and money so that you can focus on your core business.

Even more solutions from our partner network

Are you looking for fittings to match your locking systems, too? Or are you looking for a reliable partner for security doors? We support you here too with a professional solution via our European Securidev network.

DOM product range

  • Lever cylinders
  • Pressure cylinders
  • Central locking
  • Furniture cylinders
  • Handles
  • Glass door locks
  • Electric switching cylinders
  • Custom locks