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Property solutions

Our electronic and mechanical locking systems for building security and facility security do more than just support intelligent networking. DOM technology is characterised in particular by industry- and enterprise-specific solutions which are precisely tailored to your requirements and environments. Sustainable, efficient and absolutely secure!

Smart management - DOM Tapkey

Smartphone instead of key

Finally putting an end to cumbersome key management in the office or practice

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Electronic for small business

Lost your key? Your key will soon be called a transponder, and losing your key will no longer be a problem! Lost transponders are deactivated at the cylinder using the respective transponder management card.

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Best of DOM

New edition

The popular magazine will give you a fascinating insight in and around DOM Sicherheitstechnik.

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Banks & financial institutions

As secure as Fort Knox

There is no other industry in which security ranks as highly as in banking: material values are stored in the safe and cash desk areas and customer data must be protected against third-party access in the office areas. At the same time, customers [...]

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  • Airports & transportation

    A safe start to your holiday

    Airports, train stations and other transportation hubs are critical areas when it comes to security: More than 50 million passengers and more than [...]

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  • Integration of third-party systems

    More than just opening and closing doors

    You come into the office in the morning. As you unlock the door, the alarm is switched off. At lunch time, you head down to the canteen, and your meal [...]

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  • Hotels & catering


    While some guests are arrive, others are checking out - this is the daily grind in hotels and catering. And some guests lose their keys, or forget to [...]

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  • Trades & industrial

    All this and much more

    Warehouse, administrative offices, cafeteria, shop and department store - the requirements for locking systems are as diverse as the types of [...]

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  • Health & social affairs

    Hospital complex

    Patients' rooms, doctors' rooms, laboratories, administration, nurses' accommodation, these are just some of the departments a hospital complex can [...]

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  • Parking management

    King of the hill

    Is your business located in a sought-after inner city location? This can have advantages, such as good infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, but [...]

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  • Emergency exit doors & fire protection

    Out, quickly!

    There are situations in which the proper locking system can save lives. For example, if there is a fire in a building or panic breaks out. Everyone [...]

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  • Office solutions

    Open doors

    In rooms such as offices in government agencies and public institutions there is often a great deal of coming and going. Customers looking for advice, [...]

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  • Education & science

    For smart people

    Very special rules apply in schools and other educational institutions. Buildings and classrooms must be protected against external access to ensure [...]

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  • Optimisation of existing locking systems

    Too small?

    A familiar problem with your kids' shoes. A minute ago, they fit – and now they are too small. Such situations also happen frequently with locking [...]

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  • Server rooms

    Knowledge is power

    They are the heart of any company: Servers house all the data, archive knowledge, or store the results of complex project work. This is why your IT is [...]

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  • Sports arenas & events

    On your marks, set, go!

    Whether the Olympic Stadium or the tennis club around the corner, sports facilities stand for maximum performance. In terms of security, too. After [...]


  • Central management of locking authorisations

    Everything at a glance

    The larger the operation, the greater the number of locking media – this simple formula nicely sums up the situation in most companies, institutions [...]


  • Administration & public offices

    Well managed

    From the town hall, through the fire department and the recycling centre to community offices – the institutions of public life are varied. And the [...]


  • Access organisation

    Organisational genius

    Whether an administration building, school, hospital, hotel, airport or residential property – the variety of building forms and uses is infinite. One [...]

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