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Administration & public offices

Well managed

From the town hall, through the fire department and the recycling centre to community offices – the institutions of public life are varied. And the requirements in terms of security technology are equally diverse.

Security also after working hours

In public areas, two things are critical: reliable access management, ensuring that sensitive areas are protected, and an open atmosphere during visiting hours. With an electronic locking system, you can easily combine these two opposites; granting individual access authorisations keeps staff offices and server rooms closed to visitors, while public areas remain freely accessible. In addition, time-limited authorisations can be assigned, for example, if community rooms are used by associations after working hours. The advantage: There is no need for an employee to unlock; the locking system autonomously identifies people who are allowed access after 8 pm. This kind of solution is also perfect for fire departments that are not manned around the clock.

No administrative overhead

A variety of access authorisations can be easily managed with a DOM electronic locking system, thanks our special software. Assigning authorisations is thus easily done and without much overhead. And if an electronic key is lost, it is simply deleted from the system and is thus rendered harmless. Expensive replacements of locking systems are thus a thing of the past – a financial benefit that is especially important in times of scarce public resources. In addition, electronic locking systems by DOM can be networked with other systems such as time management systems or canteen billing, again reducing the administrative burden.

Working to the rules

There are doors, and then there are doors. Especially in public institutions, where, for example, escape route or fire doors are mandatory in some areas. DOM Sicherheitstechnik offers suitable systems for these special requirements - and with the appropriate certifications and legal standards, of course.

Smart: Electronic access management by DOM

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the electronic access control systems by DOM in combination with the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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