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Airports & transportation

A safe start to your holiday

Airports, train stations and other transportation hubs are critical areas when it comes to security: More than 50 million passengers and more than 70,000 employees enter and leave Frankfurt airport alone in just one year. To avoid chaos here, you need a locking system that is completely reliable.

Behind the scenes

Travellers are often in a hurry - making sure that they can move freely in the permitted areas is thus very important. But there are also many areas which they simply must not access. And access authorisations for employees are also varied: control centres, the tower or luggage storage are off-limits to unauthorised persons. The doors to these areas must therefore be particularly well secured so that no harm can be done here. An electronic locking system is essential to being able to correctly organise and manage such a variety of authorisations. And, with so many users, sometimes keys are lost - again electronic solutions score points here because they allow quick deletion of lost transponders, thus guaranteeing the continued security of the doors they protect.

Easy administration, smart networking

A variety of access authorisations can be easily managed with a DOM electronic locking system, thanks to our special software. Assigning authorisations is thus easily done and without much overhead.

And even access authorisations to the parking lots for employees can be stored on the transponders: The transponder is simply presented at the Access Manager, and the barrier or gate opens. Practical? We think so, too.

Working to the rules

There are doors, and then there are doors. Especially in public buildings, where, for example, escape route or fire doors are mandatory in many areas. DOM Sicherheitstechnik also offers suitable systems for these special requirements - and with the appropriate certifications, of course.

Smart: Electronic access management by DOM

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the electronic access control systems by DOM and the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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