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Central management of locking authorisations

Everything at a glance

The larger the operation, the greater the number of locking media – this simple formula nicely sums up the situation in most companies, institutions and facilities. How convenient it would be to be able to organise and manage all locking media and users at a single point - You can do so, with software by DOM Sicherheitstechnik.

Two great thinkers

DOM Sicherheitstechnik offers two solutions for the management of locking media: ELS® software and ENiQ® Access Management Software. Both help you to use the features of electronic locking systems by DOM to the max. From programming, through commissioning, to management of all connected components. This means that you can quickly and easily add or modify users in an existing organisational structure – for example when departments relocate, or users are assigned new tasks. Operation is really easy and convenient and possible using typical endpoints such as PCs, laptops or notebooks.
Of course, our DOM software is compatible with all standard browsers, and can also be connected to external systems through interfaces.

A proven classic: ELS® software

Our ELS® software can control all DOM products based on the 125 kHz Hitag frequency.

Discover more about ELS® software here

Brainiac: ENiQ® Access Management Software

The ENiQ® Access Management software was developed as a unified management platform for the DOM 13.56 MHz Mifare family – and it really impresses with its capabilities.

Discover more about the ENiQ® Access Management software here