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Education & science

For smart people

Very special rules apply in schools and other educational institutions. Buildings and classrooms must be protected against external access to ensure that children and young people can play and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Many schools are now also used after school hours by clubs and hobby groups. A challenging task for the locking solution.

Exemplary student

With an electronic locking system by DOM, schools and educational institutions are perfectly prepared to meet different user needs. Teachers and caretakers can be provided with comprehensive access authorisations, while external user groups only have time- and space-specific authorisations - even during the holidays. Individual access authorisations can also be defined for cleaning teams. If rooms change their function - for example, at the start of the school term - the appropriate authorisations can adjusted immediately. And if a locking medium is lost, it can also be immediately retired from the system, thus ensuring security.

No experiments

Many educational institutions have laboratories and other premises in which, for example, chemicals or other hazardous substances are stored. Reliable protection against burglary is particularly important here. DOM locking systems are therefore tested thoroughly and cannot be manipulated from the outside.

In case of emergency

Unfortunately, the past has shown that schools are not always the safe space for our children that they are supposed to be. Killing sprees like in Erfurt or Winnenden have shown that classrooms in also need to be refuges in an emergency. With a special mechanical anti-rampage cylinder, DOM has developed a solution that safely locks classrooms with a rotation from the inside, without preventing an escape. The system can be easily retrofitted and provides significantly more safety – without turning classrooms into forbidding fortress.

Smart: Electronic access management by DOM

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or time management solution,  the electronic access control systems by DOM in combination with the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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