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Electronic for small business

Simple and flexible

ENiQ® Pro is a mechatronic knob cylinder which can be installed in almost all doors as an electronic access control system.

It only takes a few minutes to replace a mechanical locking cylinder by the ENiQ® Pro cylinder – without any complicated cabling at all being necessary.

ENiQ® EasyFlex makes straightforward and flexible use of an ENiQ® Pro possible without software. A specific transponder can be created and deleted quite easily with the aid of the master card and a transponder management card without the transponder having to be "on site" . If, for example, a transponder is lost or stolen, complex replacement of the locking cylinder is no longer necessary.

Do you need more than 5 “keys”? No problem. For every further EasyFlex booklet purchased, the system can be expanded by 5 ad-ditional transponders.

This makes it an ideal and modern locking system for smaller offices or commercial units (medical practices, lawyers’ offices etc.).