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Emergency exit doors & fire protection

Out, quickly!

There are situations in which the proper locking system can save lives. For example, if there is a fire in a building or panic breaks out. Everyone wants to escape to the outside at the same time. In this case, the escape routes need to work perfectly, and the doors need to open immediately. At the same time, however, the emergency exits must not allow unauthorised visitors into the building in normal operation. And special conditions also apply for fire doors.

Rescue services

One special feature of the ENiQ ® Pro EE is the solution for escape and rescue routes whose closures are designed in line with DIN/EN 179/1125. All emergency exits that are equipped with the ENiQ offer double security: the doors can be easily opened from the inside when needed, but simultaneously provide perfect protection against unauthorised access from the outside.

At the same time, the ENiQ® Pro EE incorporates the technical know-how:  individual access authorisations – such as temporary access for cleaning companies – can be easily issued and managed.

In an emergency

With the ENiQ® Pro EE DOM has the right solution for emergency exits.

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In case of fire - ENiQ® Pro

If a fire breaks out in a building, fire doors ensure that the fire does not spread. In addition, they need to reliably fulfil the functions of an electronic locking system, and provide protection against unauthorised access.

The ENiQ® Pro is designed for such risk situations. It can be used for fire resistance classes up to T90. In addition, it has all the access management functions of an electronic locking system.

Keeps cool in case of fire: The ENiQ® Pro secures fire doors reliably.

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