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Health & social affairs

Hospital complex

Patients' rooms, doctors' rooms, laboratories, administration, nurses' accommodation, these are just some of the departments a hospital complex can include. And different security requirements and access authorisations apply to all of them. DOM knows how to manage them economically and reliably.

Openness versus discretion

Visitors want to see their families and not have to pass through countless security gates. At the same time, you do not want to simply allow anybody to burst into the patients' rooms, or have access to sensitive areas such as operating theatres or administrative offices. After all, this is where valuable equipment and individual patient data are kept. The right locking system must be able to consider and manage these different conditions - just like an electronic locking system by DOM. This means that temporally and spatially precise authorisations can be assigned; you can even determine who was the last person to enter the treatment room, for example. A smart solution of this kind in hospitals is the fitting-mounted Guardian reader, which is also quite intuitive to use – another important factor in public buildings.

More than just opening and closing doors

In addition, electronic transponders can be linked to additional features, such as time management or billing systems. The transponders, the electronic locking media, then do more than just open and lock doors; they can be used, for example, for payment in the canteen. Even buildings such as dormitories can be connected to an electronic locking system and combined with an existing mechanical system. And DOM can do even more: A common locking hierarchy can be defined right down to the medicine cabinet or server room. Smart? – Smart.

Well cared for

Especially for the elderly, or people with special needs, safety and security play a major role – at the same time a locking system has to be easy to use and cover various room situations. After all, nursing homes often have common areas in addition to the patients' rooms and apartments. The Guardian is again the perfect electronic locking system for this kind of facility. The fitting-mounted reader is attached to the door and clearly visible; it reads the access authorisation from the transponder and the user opens the door with the handle in the normal way.

Smart award winners: the Guardian

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the Guardian and the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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Knows how: AccessManager

Access control on the wall – the wall-mounted AccessManager reader.

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