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Hotels & catering


While some guests are arrive, others are checking out - this is the daily grind in hotels and catering. And some guests lose their keys, or forget to hand them in on departure. What used to be a genuine security risk, can now be easily handled with an electronic locking system.


Locking systems in hotels need to be particularly flexible, easy to manage, and convenient for the guest. Access permissions change here almost daily. In addition, cleaning and service staff need access to the rooms and staff rooms. With so many users, of course, sometimes a key is lost or not handed in. Access controls with an electronic locking system are almost inevitable here – because they let you assign access authorisations with up-to-the-minute precision. Or withdraw them immediately if a transponder, an electronic locking medium, is lost. The security of the hotel rooms is thus guaranteed around the clock. A further benefit of using transponders: they are versatile in terms of shape and design, and can therefore also be tailored to match your hotel's corporate design.

How does it work?

Even experienced travellers are familiar with the scenario: you find yourself standing in front of the door and have no idea how to open it. Where do you have to push or pull, and where do you insert or hold your room card? The ELS® Guardian was developed for precisely this scenario: the reading field for the transponder is instantly recognisable and, thanks to the red or green signal light, you can immediately see whether or not you can enter the room. The door handle looks like a conventional handle, and is therefore intuitively used in the right way. And with all this functionality, the Guardian also looks good: its design won the red dot design award and the numerous colour and shape variations ensure that it blends in elegantly with any architectural environment.

Even more options

But it's not only room doors that can be controlled with an electronic locking system. Wall-mounted readers on elevator doors or in the parking garage also allow highly individual permissions to be assigned for floors or other areas. In addition, the transponder can be linked to other systems, such as a billing system, so that the room card can be used, for example, to pay the bill at the restaurant or in the spa area. Your specialist retailer can advise you on the possibilities.

Smart award winners: the Guardian

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the Guardian and the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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Shape diversity: Transponders by DOM

Flat, round, square - electronic locking media such as transponders are versatile. But one thing stays the same: their functionality.

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