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Integration of third-party systems

More than just opening and closing doors

You come into the office in the morning. As you unlock the door, the alarm is switched off. At lunch time, you head down to the canteen, and your meal is automatically debited from your employee account. Pipe dreams? No, because such solutions are already technically feasible. How does it work? By linking your electronic key, known as a transponder, with the alarm system, billing systems and building technology components.

The world in your pocket

Small but impressive - this aptly describes DOM transponders. Whether as a keychain, our ClipTag which is attached to a conventional key, or an ISO card, our electronic locking media are smart. Programming and operating them is simple - and the networking options are theoretically unlimited.

Shape diversity: Transponders by DOM

Flat, round, square - electronic locking media such as transponders are versatile. But one thing stays the same: their functionality.

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