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Office solutions

Open doors

In rooms such as offices in government agencies and public institutions there is often a great deal of coming and going. Customers looking for advice, while your co-worker from next door pops in to quickly ask a question. Despite this, access to the offices needs to be organised and controlled - the solution is a particularly user-friendly locking system by DOM that works in a self-explanatory way:
the Guardian.

Attractive colleague

The Guardian has what it takes to become your favourite colleague: It looks dazzling, is competent and uncomplicated. Because this door fitting-mounted reader, which won the red dot design award, is used just like an ordinary doorknob in unlocked state. Simply push down the handle and you're done. The right solution in areas with large number of visitors, such as public buildings.

Reliable guardian

At the same time the Guardian has genuine talent for getting things organised. Like all electronic locking systems by DOM, it lets you assign and manage individual access authorisations in complex integrated systems. And it provides reliable protection: once locked – this is controlled by a transponder – it doesn't let anyone in.

Smart award winners: the Guardian

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access authorisations coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the Guardian and the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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