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Optimisation of existing locking systems

Too small?

A familiar problem with your kids' shoes. A minute ago, they fit – and now they are too small. Such situations also happen frequently with locking systems. The company headquarters have been extended, and there are new rooms that need to be equipped with electronic cylinders. But what about the mechanical locking system in the old buildings? Does it need to be completely replaced?

Killing two birds with one stone

Thanks to locking systems by DOM Sicherheitstechnik, retrospectively extending an existing system is no problem. With smart solutions like our ClipTag, an electronic transponder that is attached to the existing key, mechanical locking systems can be supplemented with electronic components – inexpensively and keeping full functionality. The conventional key operates the existing doors and the electronic transponder works on the new ones. On top of this, linking to an electronic locking system offers new options in terms of networking and connecting to the burglar alarm system.

Clipped on: ClipTag

The ClipTag is one thing above all: convenient. After all, it turns a legacy key into an electronic transponder.

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Smart: Electronic access management by DOM

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the electronic access control systems by DOM in combination with the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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