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Parking management

King of the hill

Is your business located in a sought-after inner city location? This can have advantages, such as good infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, but also disadvantages: because your company parking lot will quickly become a very sought-after area. Smart locking systems can prevent unwanted use of important parking areas.

This is where I park

An urgent appointment and your parking lot is occupied by a stranger? This can cost valuable time and nerves. An electronic locking system can put an end to the trouble. Fixed wall readers such as the AccessManager let you control barriers in parking areas. Briefly present the transponder to the AccessManager; the wall reader detects that you have access, and the barrier opens. It couldn't be more practical and illegal parkers have no chance.

Wall readers also score points in hotels or sports facilities: Parking permits can be stored directly on the room card or ticket, and thus grant access to the parking areas.

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