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Server rooms

Knowledge is power

They are the heart of any company: Servers house all the data, archive knowledge, or store the results of complex project work. This is why your IT is protected against viruses and hacker attacks from the outside as a matter of course. But is the hardware in your company physically just as safe?

Protection against data theft

Manipulation of your servers can cause incalculable damage and cost your company a huge amount of money. It is all the more important, in this sensitive environment, to have a locking system that securely protects critical areas such as server rooms. Assigning and managing of personalised access authorisations protects the company's key assets against tampering, or even damage, caused by unauthorised persons. If only the IT administrator needs to access the server room at certain times, the access permissions can be restricted to this one person and to a specific time slot. If other persons are authorised to enter the server room, each event is logged in event memory. If damage were to occur, it could be unambiguously assigned to specific persons, based on the access log.

When it should be secure: ELS® Pro

With the ELS® Pro DOM has the right solution for server rooms.

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