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Sports arenas & events

On your marks, set, go!

Whether the Olympic Stadium or the tennis club around the corner, sports facilities stand for maximum performance. In terms of security, too. After all, the requirements for locking systems in these facilities require absolute flexibility in terms of access management to ensure that fans, the media, players and officials really can only access their assigned areas.

Stars on the pitch

Sports events are logistics masterpieces. Huge crowds need to be organised: The away fans have their own area, as do media representatives, VIPs, players and officials. In addition, service providers such as security staff or caterers all need access to the premises. To avoid confusion, it is important to keep order with a sophisticated security concept – from the parking lot access road through to the players' dressing room.
The solution is an electronic locking system that protects sensitive areas against unauthorised access, and which can be quickly adapted at the same time. After all, the press or service providers, often only need access for a few hours or a day at events. Electronic access management also has the advantage that access permissions can be revoked immediately – for example, if a locking medium is lost, or not returned after an event. This concept also pays dividends for smaller sports facilities, which are often used by different teams and clubs.

Don't panic!

Where many people are involved, things can sometimes go wrong. DOM thus also offers special solutions for escape exits and fire protection doors. This means that safety always wins, if the worst comes to the worst.

Smart: Electronic access management by DOM

Whether you need a complex locking hierarchy, precisely timed access permissions coupled to the burglar alarm or a time management solution, the electronic access control systems by DOM in combination with the right software solution can organise any facility perfectly.

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