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Installation & maintenance

Given correct installation, operation and maintenance, DOM products are permanently secure and reliable.

Cylinder lengths – what do I need to watch out for?

On the one hand, the cylinder length is dependent on the thickness of the door and, on the other hand, on the thickness of the protective security fitting. In general, the cylinder should not protrude more than 3 mm, to comply with DIN 18252.

The cylinder length is calculated from the fitting screw to the "outside" (labelled "A") and "inside" (labelled "B") to the outside of the fitting respectively.


It is best to have your local locksmith or dealer measure the cylinder or make an appointment for a security check.

Care operation

Even though DOM products are very robust, applying force will not help. Given proper handling, the key and cylinder will remain permanently operational.

Do not use force (e.g. a hammer) to drive the cylinder into lock.
The cylinder may protrude from the fitting by a maximum of 3 mm.
Operate the cylinder with the associated key only. Do not insert any foreign bodies.
Do not use additional tools (pliers, nails or similar) on the key head.
No sideways force must be exerted when inserting or withdrawing the key.
The key must be fully inserted before the turning force is applied.
Do not use bent keys.
The key head is not a handle to be used in a place of the fitting.
In normal use and under normal weather conditions, all DOM cylinders must be regularly treted 1x per year with the DOM Service Pen.

Care instructions

All DOM cylinders should be sprayed regularly 1x year with the DOM service pen given normal use and weather. The DOM service pen is available from your authorised retailer.