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Practical Guide for mechanical locking systems

This is where we answer all of your questions relating to DOM mechanical products.
But if you don't find an answer to your question, simply call us on +49 (0)2232 704 0.

How many millimetres should a cylinder prodrude from the door?

According to DIN EN 1303 / DIN 18252 the cylinder should not protrude more than 3 mm from the door leaf / security fitting.

Are there any care instructions for a cylinder?

Yes. Detailed care instructions are attached to every DOM product and should be read carefully before using.

I have lost my registration card. What can I do?

To apply for a new registration card, please contact your local locksmith. As a manufacturer of locking systems, we only supply specialist retailers. You will find address information for specialist retailers on our website under the menu item "Find a retailer". After completing a Statutory Declaration together with the locksmith (this form can be downloaded in our German Download Area), this document will be forwarded to us. For security reasons a new registration card can only be issued after receipt of this declaration.

Who can I contact if I have any queries about DOM products?

In principle, you can always contact us. Under the menu item “Contact” an email can be sent to us at any time. As we only supply specialist retailers we are not able to provide you with any price information on our various systems. Please contact your local specialist retailer who will be pleased to give you advice and recommend a locking system that meets your requirements.

Is it possible to obtain an up-to-date copy of the master key plan or the key list of a master key system?

Of course. Please contact your local specialized dealer. On supplying the registration card belonging to the master key system your order will be forwarded to us.

What does drill protection (mechanical) mean?

Steel or carbide elements within cylinder housing and core put in place to prevent lock penetration by drilling devices.

Where can I find information on specific technical terms?

Specific locking technology terms are explained in a glossary which can be found under the menu item “Service”. But of course you can also send us an email at any time. We will be pleased to answer all your questions.

If my insurance dictates that I must install only locking systems that are accepted by the insurer, does DOM produce cylinders that meet these requirements?

Of course. Many locking systems offered by DOM have been certified by the VdS (Association of Property Insurers) and classified B and BZ+.

Will I always be able to buy original duplicate or replacement keys for my cylinder?

In principle, yes, as long as your order is accompanied by your registration card and placed by a locksmith or specialist retailer.

Can my cylinder be extended in length retroactively?

Older cylinders cannot be extended in length. However, provided your cylinder is ordered with modular technology (system M) your cylinder can be extended in 5 mm increments.

Where can I buy DOM products (cylinders, keys, accessories)?

Only in selected stores, e.g. specialized dealers (locksmith), or builder’s hardware dealers. An order cannot be placed with us, as we only supply specialized dealers. Address information can be obtained on our website under the menu item “Find a retailer”.