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Wondering why our cylinders are so safe? Take a look behind the scenes, and see how our products are perfectly design, right down to the tiniest detail, thus implementing multiple levels of security.

  • DOM Tapkey - The smartphone is the key
  • ENiQ EasyFlex - Create an electronic system in only a few minutes
  • Installation of ENiQ® EasyFlex
  • Reprogramming of ENiQ® EasyFlex
  • ENiQ product family
  • ENiQ Pro
  • ENiQ Pro EE (Emergency Exit)
  • ENiQ Guardian
  • ENiQ Guardian S
  • ENiQ AccessManager Compact & HiSec
  • ENiQ AccessManager-Terminal & ITT
  • Electronic systems Hitag
  • ix Saturn
  • ix Gamma
  • DOM Modulaire Cylinders